Conference Bad Münder YR - 19.-22.04.2019

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When the winds hold their breath,

when all the thoughts have been thought,

when the last stone got dissolved in the vast oceans,

when the impossible has been experienced

then the circles of space and time will open up

and you shall know the great sublime force,

yourself and god.



Dear friends from near and far,

You are cordially invited to the Easter Conference 2019 in the northern German centre Bad Münder. At this conference we would like to come together to create something really special as a collective.

It is well observable that the external world is changing rapidly and we are facing challenges unknown to mankind aforetime. However, the external world is nothing but a projection and mirror of our internal world, so it is us changing and shaping inner microcosmos and outer macrocosmos.

We are bathing constantly in the vibrant force field of the seven rays, while change after change happens on earth over time. It is not the light itself that changes, therefore it is our approach to find resonance which is changing. So the question arises: how are you finding resonance with the divine life field?

The focus is not on discussing this question though, we would like you to be and live your answer. We have been given the freedom to use our creativity and imagination to build a conference that is founded on those things that are most important to us in the moment.

A conference and service from us all to all of us.

Whether that concerns the spirituality we would like to share, the activities we engage in or the ideas we want to exchange, the freedom is only limited by ourselves. There is no topic for the conference prior to its beginning as it will emerge and grow out of your dedication to this project before and during the conference.

We are looking forward to creating with you there and experience a heartfelt and special conference together!

Your Conference coordination team



You have something that you always wanted to do, see or offer at a conference? Get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to provide what you need and help in any way possible. You can reach us at


19.04.2019, 18:00 Uhr   bis   22.04.2019, 14:00 Uhr
Querlandweg 5
31848 Bad Münder

große Karte anzeigen
Festnetz: +49 (5042) 3000-0
Conference Fee
normal € 100,00
staff € 80,00
d-group € 35,00
mixed dorm

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